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An Urgent Appeal to all Devotees

Dear Hanuman devotees,

May Lord Hanuman shower his blessings on you and your family!

With the immense blessings of Lord Hanuman, we have been able to serve the Los Angeles community for another memorable year. The highlight of 2016 was the Prana Pratishta & Kumbabhishekam ceremony of our presiding deity Sri Panchamukha Hanuman and Sri Venkateswara in February. With his imposing 12 ft tall presence, this is the only Panchamukha Hanuman deity in California, and the tallest Hanuman deity in all of the USA. The monthly abhishekam & alankaram (decoration) of Lord Hanuman are truly a sight to witness.

Several changes and improvements were made to the temple layout to make room for sannidhis for Lord Hanuman and other deities, an office/meeting space, a stage for special events & performances, and rooms to conduct various classes. Currently, classes in carnatic music (vocal and instrumental), Bharatnatyam & Odisi dance, Prajna classes (religious & spiritual learning) for children, Hindi language, abacus & vedic math, and meditation take place in the temple.
All Hindu festivals were celebrated with great enthusiasm, starting from Makar Sankrant to Diwali, and various cultural events and performances were a part of this celebration. Once again we performed Ganesha visarjan in the Pacific Ocean. Dandiya raas evenings during Navarathri were well-attended. Devotees brought in 108 prasad items for annakoot during Diwali. Such celebration of festivals brings the festive spirit to the Indian community, and the excitement and enthusiasm is multiplied when we celebrate together. You can view photos & videos of a few of the events at the temple’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hanumantemplela/ & on our website: http://hanumantemplela.org/gallery.html.

We continue to have annadanam on Tuesdays, following Hanuman Aarthi. On average there are about 70-80 devotees present to receive annadanam mahaprasad every week. Our heartfelt thanks to all annadanam sponsors in 2016.

All of these wonderful programs do require considerable expense. On average, our monthly expenses are around $17,200; this figure includes rent & utilities ($8000), payroll ($6000), food & cleaning supplies and cleaning services ($2000), taxes & licenses & insurance ($800), and other miscellaneous expenses. This figure increases when we have special events or bring new vigrahams, and for constructions/renovations.

We are making an urgent and heartfelt appeal to you today, as you evaluate your year-end giving options. We are still growing, and it is all of us - this community of devotees - that makes it possible. Please sign up as a recurring donor - your generous donation of $51, $101, $251 or more per month will be used towards covering these expenses and helping our temple function smoothly. We will perform Archana in your name every Tuesday. For devotees that sponsor more than $101, we will also perform Archana in your name for monthly poojas. We need at least 25 families to make recurring monthly donations, to cover roughly half of our month’s expenses.

Here are some other ways you can support the temple in the new year:

  • 1. Sponsor the temple’s 2017 calendar ($50 / $100): This is a good opportunity to promote your business or services, by placing an advertisement on the calendar for $250. Money raised through sponsorship will be used to print 2500 calendars. (Please contact Saran: 415-272-5715 for calendar-related questions).

  • 2. Nithya pooja (A dollar a day): For devotees that donate $1 a day (per person) for a year, the temple will perform Archana in your name every morning following Hanuman Sahasranamam.

  • 3. Festivals sponsor $1001/year: This donation covers sponsorship for all major festivals for the whole year - Ganeshotsav, Navarathri, Diwali, Hanuman Jayanthi, Ganeshotsav, Sahasra Lingarchana and others.

  • 4. Annadanam sponsorship ($301 / $101): Every Tuesday following Hanuman Abhishekam & aarathi, we distribute annadanam prasadam. Devotees often sponsor annadanam to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries & birthdays in the presence of Lord Hanuman and in the company of other devotees. Please contact Lakshmi: 310-347-7861 if you have any questions.

  • 5. Weekly and monthly pooja sponsorship: Devotees can sponsor any of the regular poojas, Sri Hanuman & Sri Venkateswara Abhishekam, Sri Sita-Rama Kalyanam & Sri Venkateswara kalyanam etc. Please look at our website for pooja sponsorships details.

All charitable donations to Sri Panchamukha Hanuman Temple are tax-deductible.

Thank you for your continued support of your temple, and wishing you and your loved ones a blessed year ahead.


Pandit Narasimhacharya Cherukupally
& Temple Steering Committee
November 2016
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  • Weekends & Holidays : 9:00 am to 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm

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  • Hanuman abhishekam Hanuman chalisa parayan for 11 times Maha

    6:00PM to 8:00PM More Info
  • Hanuman abhishekam Hanuman chalisa parayan for 11 times Maha

    6:00PM to 8:00PM More Info
  • Hanuman abhishekam Hanuman chalisa parayan for 11 times Maha

    6:00PM to 8:00PM More Info